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Town of Franklin Board Meetings

Regular Town Board Meeting
October 14, 2009 - 7:00 PM

Board members present:

Supervisor Mary Ellen Keith
Councilman Walt Kretser
Councilman Al Berg
Councilman Cliff Smalley

Board members absent:

Councilperson Janet Ordway

Others Present:

Highway Supt. Jacques DeMars, Town Justice Roger Symonds, Town Clerk Sandra Oliver, Karen Smalley, Frances Oliver, Derek Romeo, Art Willman, Ed Martin, Les Parker, Don & Doris Hamm, Virginia Switzer, Brad Merrill, John Alexander - WNBZ News, Nathan Brown - Adirondack Daily Enterprise


Supervisor Keith called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. The Town Clerk called the roll, introduced guests and stated a quorum was present.


The following claims were submitted on Abstract #10 of 2009:


Claims 226 - 253



Claims 107 - 126


Prepay General

Claims 31 - 33


Coun. Smalley questioned the invoice from Bob's Auto & Truck Service for the repair of the mower to the brush hog. Hwy Supt DeMars replied Mr. Besaw conducted research into the cost of parts and repair.

Coun. Berg questioned the large payment to Navistar, and Coun. Kretser answered that it was a lease payment for the recently-purchased tandem.

Motion to pay claims (W.Kretser-C.Smalley m/s/p) ALL AYE


The minutes of the September 9, 2009 Board meeting were accepted as presented. The minutes of the September 23, 2009 Public Hearing were accepted as presented. The minutes of the September 23, 2009 Special Board meeting were accepted as presented. The minutes of the September 30, 2009 Budget Workshop and Special Board meeting were accepted as presented. The minutes of the October 5, 2009 Budget Workshop and Special Board meeting were accepted as presented.

Motion to accept minutes (C.Smalley-W.Kretser m/s/p) ALL AYE


Balances at September 1, 2009:

General Fund









Highway Fund







Cap Proj Hwy












Cap. Building



Motion to accept Supervisor's Report (W.Kretser-C.Smalley m/s/p) ALL AYE


Highway Superintendent Jacques DeMars presented the following report:


(1) Shoulder work completed on Cold Brook and Sinkhole Roads with County assistance.
(2) Patched Cold Brook, Fletcher Farm and Oregon Plains Roads.
(3) Removed huge rock on Rock Street and smaller ones on Rock & Fletcher Farm Roads.
(4) Mowed several roads and part of Onchiota landfill
(5) Checked roads several times and cut downed trees
(6) Beaver problems - many culverts cleared on many roads. Local trapper Bill Suojanen working on the matter.
(7) Hauled sand for Towns of Harrietstown and St. Armand
(8) Hauled millings for Town of Harrietstown
(9) Towns of Harrietstown, Brighton and St. Armand helped us haul sand
(10) Bulldozer delivered by County for our use
(11) All salt and sand has been delivered
(12) CHIPS paperwork completed and mailed. Copy given to Mary Ellen Keith
(13) Met with Dick Meagher for prebudget work session
(14) Yearly inventory completed; copies to insurance company and Town Clerk
(15) New diesel pump installed in pump house on October 14, 2009.

B. SAND HAULING The department started hauling sand early afternoon on September 29 and finished on October 13, for a total of 7 full days and a few hours. The Towns of Brighton, Harrietstown and St. Armand assisted. The average of miles driven was 1,416 miles, and Town trucks used 1,531.3 gallons of diesel fuel, or

1,531.3 x $2.31 = 3,537.30
The bid price from Trudeau for delivering 13,000 tons of sand at $7.00/ton was $91,000.
The picked up price was $4.25 x 13,000 tons = $55,250.
$91,000 minus 55,250 = $35,750.
$35,750 minus 3,537.30 = $32,212.70

Coun. Smalley asked if any of the Town vehicles experienced problems, and Supt. DeMars responded only one truck blew a hose.

Supv. Keith asked about the new nozzle installed at the Garage, and Supt. DeMars replied that Griffith had replaced the unit.

Coun. Berg asked if his suggestion regarding antifreeze had been followed, and Supt. DeMars said that when the hose ruptured, a large amount of antifreeze was lost but that he borrowed some from the Town of Harrietstown. He did in fact follow Coun. Berg's suggestion and ordered the antifreeze.

Supv. Keith inquired whether Monday, October 19th would be convenient to start the required repair work , including re-establishing the berm, at the Garage. Supt. DeMars indicated in light of yesterday's snowfall, he wanted to equip the vehicles with plows and sanders. He requested the ESE engineers contact him directly.

C. HIGHWAY COMMITTEE. Coun. Kretser indicated he was receiving very positive comments about the excellent work done on Cold Brook Road. Coun. Berg added the Sinkhole Road was much improved.

D. PURCHASE OF FRONT LOADER. Supt. DeMars commented he had given copies of the specifications for the new front loader to the Board previously and that he had received 4 quotes from major firms. His recommendation was to lease through John Deere at a good interest rate - $22,000 per year for 5 years. Supv. Keith indicated a request for bids should be published and requested a motion authorizing publication.

Motion for resolution (W.Kretser-A.Berg m/s/p) ALL AYE

RESOLUTION NO. 42: AUTHORIZE PUBLICATION OF REQUEST FOR BIDS FOR NEW FRONT LOADER WHEREAS, a replacement for the Highway Dept. front loader must be made this year; and WHEREAS, in accordance with the Procurement Policy of the Town of Franklin, requests for bids must be advertised; NOW, THEREFORE,
BE IT RESOLVED, that the Town Clerk is authorized to publish requests for prices of new front loader, bids to be accompanied by terms for lease/purchase and a non-collusive bidding certificate. The legal ad will be published for 3 days in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Press Republican, Albany Times-Union and the Syracuse Post-Standard.

Those voting aye:

Supervisor Mary Ellen Keith
Councilman Walter Kretser
Councilman Allen Berg
Councilman Clifford Smalley

Those Absent:

Councilperson Janet Ordway

Those Abstaining:


Those Voting nay:



Q/C You're going to replace the berm at the Garage? It was originally built with a dead-man and anchors. Are you going to put those back in?

A: Coun. Kretser replied that ESE engineers will be supervising all the work and that they are aware of the situation. They will either replace the dead-man and anchors or figure out something else.

Q/C: You only advertised for fuel bids in the newspaper. There are other ways to obtain prices. You should telephone suppliers.

A: Supv. Keith replied she had spent hours telephoning different supplier and that the Town had received four bids.

Q/C: Jacques DeMars did an outstanding job this year.

Q/C: Any progress on that culvert near the Town of Brighton line?

A: Supt. DeMars replied no progress had yet been made. The County might be in the area on Thursday, October 16th and suggested that since the County Highway Superintendent had been contacted perhaps a follow-up call to him should be made.

Q/C: That culvert is closed up and is causing drainage problems. If the area freezes, Bigelow Road will be adversely affected. This should be handled soon. Should we contact Tim Burpoe?

A: Supt. DeMars replied that no one can change the way water flows, but indicated he would contact the County Highway Department.


A. OPEN FUEL BIDS. The Town received four bids:

Adirondack Energy
Malone, NY
Cost plus $.38/gallon



Griffith Energy
Saranac Lake, NY
Cost plus $.40/gallon



Unleaded gas


#2 Fuel oil



$1.799/gal - fixed

Saranac Lake, NY
Cost plus $.37/gallon



Unleaded gas


#2 Fuel oil



$1.9990/gal - fixed

Hyde Fuel
Saranac Lake, NY
Cost plus $.38/gallon



Mid-grade gas


#2 Fuel oil




Coun. Kretser remarked that Hyde Fuel appeared to have the best prices. Coun. Smalley noted Hyde is local, had the best prices and is located close enough to address emergency situations. Supv. Keith commented that Griffith Energy had been a good supplier but that the Hyde prices were good. She then requested a motion for a resolution accepting the bid of Hyde Fuel.

Motion for resolution (W.Kretser-A.Berg m/s/p) ALL AYE

RESOLUTION NO. 43: ACCEPT BID OF HYDE FUEL, SARANAC LAKE WHEREAS, the Town published requests for bids for fuel; and WHEREAS, Hyde Fuel, Saranac Lake, complied with all requests for bids; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Town Board hereby accepts the October 7, 2009 bid from Hyde Fuel, Saranac Lake, to supply fuels to the Town at the following prices:

Hyde Fuel prices are cost plus .38 per gallon. The prices are not fixed but fluctuate up or down daily based on its cost:
Mid-grade gasoline: $2.1885 per gal
Premium clear diesel: $2.157 per gal
Propane: $1.464 per gal.
#2 Fuel Oil: $2.201 per gal.

Contract to start October 21, 2009 through ______________2010.

Those voting aye:

Supervisor Mary Ellen Keith
Councilman Walter Kretser
Councilman Allen Berg
Councilman Clifford Smalley

Those Absent:

Councilperson Janet Ordway

Those Abstaining:


Those Voting nay:



Town Justice Roger Symonds distributed copies to the Board of pamphlets outlining the responsibilities of a town justice. Justice Symonds has held the position for 21 years. He reported that Supervisor Keith had audited his accounts on Monday, October 12, 2009. His accounts could have been inspected by a single person, entire Town Board, or an outside CPA. In 2008 the Office of the NYS Comptroller set forth what is to be checked, and some sample questions are: Are the bank accounts reconciled promptly? When was the last reconciliation performed? Is a list of bail maintained? Are case files maintained? Do the accountability amounts agree with the bank reconciliations? (An accountability amount report is submitted monthly to the NYS Comptroller via electronic transmission with a duplicate faxed statement and consists of a listing of all cases closed for the month as well as the monies collected and deposited in the bank accounts. Justice Symonds writes a check for all receipts to Supervisor Keith who deposits the funds into the General Fund account. As the percentages paid to the State differ depending on the type of case, the Comptroller's Office notifies the Town Supervisor as to the amount the Town retains and the Supervisor then disburses the justice funds to the State.) The audit requirements also ask whether the deposits reconcile with the amount disbursed to the Supervisor. He noted, however, that if there is an error in the accounting, the justice is responsible for same. For that reason, he is the only person to write checks on the account.

Justice Symonds continued, reporting that his wife acts as his court clerk, however, he is diligent in keeping her hours to a minimum to save the Town taxpayers money. He does quite a bit of his own clerical work. He handles 500 to 800 cases a year, mostly vehicle and traffic matters, and garners $54,000 in fines. In addition to the vehicle and traffic cases, he also handles matters involving youthful offenders, dogs, and some criminal cases. He is happy the Town of Franklin has a low crime rate.

When defendants are brought into court, the justice they receive in this court are the same as in any other court in the State of New York, so it does not matter where a case is heard, but how. He is proud to be a member of the justice system. Everyone should have their day in court and defendants get a right to a defense and an attorney. It is important to protect a defendant's right as well as the People's rights.

Q/C Supervisor Keith commented that in reviewing the Justice accounts, she was impressed that the system is set up with 3 ways of checks and balances. There is a check to her, Roger receives a copy and so does the Town bookkeeper, Richard Meagher. She continued, that Justice Symonds does an excellent job of maintaining his records.

Q/C Coun. Kretser asked if Justice Symonds was required to go through a State audit.

A Mr. Symonds responded that he would have to do so if the State decided to perform such an audit.

Justice Symonds concluded, that both he and his court clerk are required to attend several training sessions throughout the year.

Supervisor Keith requested a motion for a resolution accepting the Town Justice audit.

Motion for resolution (C.Smalley-W.Kretser m/s/p) ALL AYE

RESOLUTION NO. 44: ACCEPT JUSTICE COURT ACCOUNTING WHEREAS, Town Justice Roger Symonds, in compliance with NYS Comptroller guidelines, appeared before the Town of Franklin Town Board on Wednesday, October 14, 2009, and explained his accounting records for the fiscal period June 2008 through May 2009 and WHEREAS, the Town Supervisor inspected said records on Monday, October 12, 2009, bank statements and accounts, inclusive, and found them to be in good order; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Town of Franklin Town Board hereby accepts and approves of the accounting records maintained by Town Justice Roger Symonds.

Those voting aye:

Supervisor Mary Ellen Keith
Councilman Walter Kretser
Councilman Allen Berg
Councilman Clifford Smalley

Those Absent:

Councilperson Janet Ordway

Those Abstaining:


Those Voting nay:



Supv. Keith announced the Board would discuss whether to adopt the 2010 Tentative Budget as the 2010 Preliminary Budget and schedule a public hearing. Coun. Kretser commented that there was still room for additional revisions to the tentative budget. Coun. Smalley stated he wanted to reduce the amount to be raised by taxes. Elected officials, he said, are charged with creating a budget. However, he noted that the largest part of the budget is in the Highway Department. He directed his comments to Highway Supt. DeMars, stating Mr. DeMars came to budget workshops with a "wish list", which is not the Town Board's expertise. Supt. DeMars had the expertise and he suggested Supt. DeMars prioritize certain items.

Supt. DeMars indicated he had to approach the Town Board with a "wish list" and thought he had prioritized his department's needs.

Coun. Smalley continued, that everyone agreed on certain things, like the new front loader; however, was it necessary to purchase a new pickup truck.

Supt. DeMars replied he hadn't asked for a new pickup truck, that the 2006 vehicle had over 50,000 miles on it and was past its warranty. The $25,000 set aside to buy a replacement would be better put to use on the purchase of a new front loader. Supt. DeMars said he had asked for a grader, but didn't get it, that he borrowed one from the Town of Saranac. He noted the Highway Fund budget stayed at zero. He saved the Town $18,000 in overtime because he had instituted shift work.

Coun. Smalley stated he was looking for additional savings and cuts in the Highway Fund budget. The General Fund budget has been reduced to the bone and was asking for further recommendations from the Highway Superintendent.

Supt. DeMars indicated he spent quite a bit of time consulting with Budget Officer Richard Meagher who had the expertise in money management and budgets. Supt. DeMars indicated Mr. Meagher had explained the way funds are transferred by the Town Board from account to account. Supervisor Keith stated the reason for transferring money from one account to another is to ensure the Town stays within its budget.

Coun. Smalley stated that the Highway Superintendent's salary is under the General Fund, the cost to clean up the illegal dump site on Norman Ridge Road is paid from the General Fund, and the Highway Dept. was responsible for the illegal dumping. Landfill fees are paid from the General Fund. All of these relate to the Highway Department, and the Town Board wants to alleviate some of these expenses in General Fund. He recommended that Supt. DeMars approach the budget process in the same manner as the Town Board. For example, the department could continue to borrow a grader for the next few years rather than ask to purchase one. The Town Board, Coun. Smalley explained, is taking extraordinary measures to ensure that taxes are not increased. He requested additional reductions in Highway Department-related matters.

Supt. DeMars pointed to Account DA5142.4 Snow Removal Contractual Expense. In 2008 actual expenditures amounted to $150,218, but in the 2010 Tentative budget, only $80,500 had been budgeted, even though the cost of sand and fuel is included in the reduced amount. He indicated he was willing to discuss this further, but opined it could have been discussed during the budget workshops.

Coun. Smalley asked if anything else can be cut from Highway Dept.-related matters.

Coun. Kretser indicated that with the 2010 Tentative Budget the Board wants to take a very hard look to ensure more dollars can be saved.

Coun. Berg said he would like to see more specific accounts created so where money is being spent can be tracked more accurately.

Coun. Kretser indicated that DA 5140.4 Brush and Weeds has a significant balance, but that very little time was spent by the department this year cutting brush and weeds.

Supt. DeMars indicated the department spent more time doing shoulders. Once the shoulder work is done, less mowing is necessary. In addition there were mower problems.

Supt. DeMars suggested Coun. Kretser meet with him and Coun. Smalley to discuss further reductions in Highway-related items.

Supv. Keith asked if the department could be reduced by one employee. Costs for employing individuals include salary, health insurance and retirement.

Supt. DeMars indicated the department had always had at least 8-9 full-time employees. In the 2009 budget, the number was reduced to 7.

Coun. Berg stated that the Board's responsibility is the budget, and that the Highway Superintendent's responsibility was to stay within the budget. He commented that Coun. Smalley and Kretser were asking Supt. DeMars to shoulder the responsibility for the budget.

Coun. .Smalley replied that Supt. DeMars could review his budgetary requirements from the perspective of a manager. Supt. DeMars is the day-to-day line supervisor. Coun. Smalley requested that Supt. DeMars look closely at department needs and each employee's performance.

Coun. Kretser asked Supt. DeMars to look closely at the Highway budget, and perhaps something can be reduced.

Supervisor Keith stated the current outflow of funds was a hardship on the General Fund.

Coun. Kretser indicated that if no further cuts were made, the Board would obtain a Bond Anticipation Note to get through next year or would have to increase taxes.

Supervisor Keith requested another budget workshop and special board meeting, and suggested Wednesday, October 21, 2009 at 7:00 PM. The Board concurred, and the Clerk was requested to publish notice of the meetings.

D. REAPPOINT MILDRED VORRATH TO BOARD OF ASSESSMENT REVIEW. Mrs. Vorrath's term of office expired on September 30, 2009, however, Mrs. Vorrath expressed a desire to serve another five years on the Board of Assessment Review.

Motion for resolution (M.Keith-A.Berg m/s/p) ALL AYE

RESOLUTION NO. 45: REAPPOINT MILDRED VORRATH TO BOARD OF ASSESSMENT REVIEW WHEREAS, Mildred Vorrath has served with distinction on the Town's Board of Assessment Review; and WHEREAS, her term expired on September 30, 2009; and WHEREAS, the Town Board has offered and Mrs. Vorrath has consented to serve another 5-year term (October 1, 2009 to September 30, 2014); NOW, THEREFORE,
BE IT RESOLVED, that Mildred Vorrath is hereby reappointed to the Board of Assessment Review for five (5) years, term to expire September 30, 2014.

Those voting aye:

Supervisor Mary Ellen Keith
Councilman Walter Kretser
Councilman Allen Berg
Councilman Clifford Smalley

Those Absent:

Councilperson Janet Ordway

Those Abstaining:


Those Voting nay:



Supv. Keith reported she, Coun. Smalley and Clerk Oliver had attended the October 13th conference at SUNY Potsdam. She displayed brochures on the Open Meetings Law and asked those present to review them.



(1) Engineering Costs. Supervisor Keith stated she received the report of Earth Science Engineering concerning this matter. The engineering cost for investigating and clearing the illegal dumping of Highway Dept. materials is $24,108.57. In addition, the Town paid the Department of Environmental Conservation consent order fine of $2,500. She noted that one of the interesting points contained in the final report is that not one of the adjoining property owners of the site ever filed a complaint.

(2) NYS DEC Letter. Supv. Keith read the following letter from NYS DEC into the record:

"October 9, 2009

Mary Ellen Keith, Supervisor Town of Franklin PO Box 209 Vermontville, NY 12989

Re: Norman Ridge Road Illegal Dumping Case No. LER5-08-010236

Dear Supervisor Keith:

The Department is in receipt of a final report entitled "Town of Franklin Landfill Remediation Report Vermontville, NY", prepared on behalf of the Town by Earth Science Engineering, P.C. and dated September 22, 2009. The referenced report adequately documents that the Town has substantially complied with the terms and conditions of the Consent Order. As such, no further actions are required at this time and this matter is considered closed.

It is recommended that the Town develop a solid waste management plan for its use in ensuring that all waste generated by the Town's activities are adequately controlled and properly handled. Furthermore, the Town should continually maintain access control with respect to the remediated site off the Norman Ridge Road, as well as periodically policing the site to restrict unauthorized waste from being disposed of on the Town's property.

Thank you for your cooperation with this matter. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Brian D. Huyck, P.E., Regional Enforcement Officer Region 5"

Supv. Keith remarked the Town needed more secure closure of the site, the 3 boulders are not adequate. Coun. Berg suggested implanting a few 6x6 posts between the boulders. Coun. Kretser recommended seeking as many options as possible and said he would speak with DEC Officer Huyck about the matter. Coun. Smalley stated the nearly $27,000 cost of the site cleanup is why the General Fund has been adversely impacted and why the Town Board is seeking to reduce the budget. The idea is to cover the cost without passing it on to the taxpayers. Supervisor Keith added that subject would be discussed at the upcoming budget workshop. In addition, she noted that repairs to the Garage must also come from the General Fund. Coun. Kretser stated the Board should develop a solid waste management plan and "put it on paper", that the Town needed to address DEC concerns.


(1) New Furnaces. Supv. Keith stated that repairs to the Town Garage must be made amounting to $20,000. She reported she met with NY State Senator Betty Little, along with Roger Symonds and Mark Chauvin of ESE concerning a member item. Perhaps Senator Little will help the Town with the additional expenses involved with installing two new furnaces, one for the Garage and one for the Town Hall. The furnaces will be purchased with grant funds, but the grant does not cover installation costs.

(2) Grant Writer. The Board had copies of Ann Holland's report and Supv. Keith stated that the NYSERDA grant application had been withdrawn as the bond to repair the Town Garage had been defeated in the April 2009 permissive referendum. The Board had tried its best. Coun. Kretser stated the cost of upgrading the Garage heating system could increase. Supv. Keith replied that the grant was in tact at $64,000 but the additional costs of installation had to be covered. Coun. Kretser emphasized the work must be done soon.

C. FIRE/RESCUE UPDATE. Coun. Berg reported that he had only received one bid for construction of the platforms required by the Bloomingdale Volunteer Fire Department in sum of $2,600. Supervisor Keith then authorized Coun. Berg to contact the successful bidder for details.

D. ASSESSMENT UPDATE. Supv. Keith stated last week Doug Tichenor had posted the data mailers to all property owners.


A. RECREATION. No report


(1) Halloween. The Celebration Committee (Supv. Keith and Clerk Oliver) plans an "Autumn Celebration Day" on starting at 5:00 PM on Saturday, October 31st. Youngsters will travel first to the Birch Bark Deli for treats, then to the Town Hall for "Spooky S'mores" and then onto the Nazarene Church for a movie.

(2) Christmas. A children's celebration of this holiday will be held on Saturday, December 5 from 10am to 2pm, complete with visits from Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus, donated gifts, games, crafts and snacks. People are requested to donate gently used toys and games to be used as presents.

C. CEMETERY. There will be work done in the spring.


A. SNOW AND ICE REMOVAL REIMBURSEMENT. Supv. Keith reported that the County will not increase the amount of reimbursement for removal of snow and ice from County roads. She received a copy of a letter addressed to the Town of Fort Covington from the Franklin County Highway Department:

"After discussing your Town's latest proposal with the Franklin County Legislators. They have decided to once again remain with no percentage raise, again the reason being that over the past few years substantial raises of 4 percent in the years 2005, 2006, 2007 and 8.5 percent in 2008 and a 10 percent raise in 2009 were given to off set the high cost of fuel and materials, since fuel prices have leveled off and salt now being purchased at a much lower rate of $71 per ton compared to $89.92 in 2008 fuel prices in Dec. 2008 were $1.93 and $4.31 in July compared to 2009 in Feb of $1.85 and in Sept $2.23 of 2009 the Legislators feel it necessary to remain at last years figures. Payments and equipment will remain the same (equipment damaged or broken will be paid by the borrowing entity) The uncertainty of the State and County budget for the coming year has played a major part in this decision, we wait for your quick response to the above matter

Gary Lewis
Franklin County Highway Superintendent

cc: Highway Committee Town Supervisors"

Highway Supt. DeMars stated he had hoped for a higher reimbursement rate.


Q/C On closing the landfill, why not install a guardrail?

A: Supt. DeMars responded he wanted to know what NYS DEC would suggest.

Q/C The Board complains that everything has to come out of General Fund because of Highway - like what?

A: Supv. Keith replied the cost of repairing the Garage will come from the General Fund, the cost of remediating the Norman Ridge illegal dumping site must be paid from the General Fund, and salaries of employees as well as health insurance and retirement are paid from the General Fund - all substantial amounts.

Q/C Jacques DeMars saves this Town money. If you hadn't spent all that money for engineers, architects and consultants, you would have enough money to pay for all the Garage repairs.

Q/C Congratulations to Jacques DeMars. He's done a wonderful job.

Q/C Glad to see the direction the Board is taking with respect to the budget. How can you cut costs to avoid a tax raise. That budget is complex. In your original proposal you requested an increase in health benefits to the staff. That's $2,000 per man in health care. Between the Highway Superintendent and the Board you should be able to find modest cuts needed for a zero raise in taxes.

Q/C About that illegal dump - install a rail and gate. It wasn't the Highway Department that caused the illegal dumping. Some individuals appointed by the Board are responsible. You should inspect it from time to time. The cost of cleaning it up should not come back on the Highway Department. Also, the individuals who complained to DEC about the illegal dumping are only 50 feet away from the property line. It should be everyone's concern.

A: Supervisor Keith asked all present to review the ESE report and see the photographs in it.

Q/C I have hundreds of photographs. It was a real problem otherwise DEC would not have become involved. We've been asking for the cost of the clean up for a long time, and you released the cost in a political pamphlet. That's wrong.

Q/C What pamphlet?

A Supv. Keith replied that the site in question is bordered by Cass, Dekkers, Keith, Norman Ridge Road and Edgley.


There being no further business to conduct, the meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm (M.Keith-C.Smalley m/s/p) ALL AYE

Respectfully submitted, Sandra J. Oliver, Town Clerk

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