Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Town of Franklin Cemeteries
  1. Each plot may consist of one casket or up to four urns. An exception may be made for the death of more than four in one family simultaneously.
  2. All caskets buried in any Town of Franklin cemetery shall be encased in a concrete vault. A concrete vault is not necessary for burial urns.
  3. Any resident and/or taxpayer of the Town of Franklin can reserve up to two plots for a one-time fee of $100 per plot. Any plot reserved before January 1, 2017 shall be exempt from reservation fee.
  4. Non-residents CANNOT reserve a plot. Non-residents must contact the Town of Franklin at the time a plot is required, a one-time perpetual care fee of $400 will be assessed.
  5. A signed Privilege of Burial shall be issued by the Town Clerk or Cemetery Custodian will be issued to the reserving resident at time of reservation.
  6. No burials shall take place in any Town of Franklin cemetery November 15-May 1. Ground conditions may be favorable/unfavorable at any time. The Town Cemetery Custodian has the authority to accept/deny burial requests due to ground conditions at any time.
  7. No burial shall take place in the Town of Franklin without 2 business days advanced notice and authorization by the Town Cemetery Custodian or Town Clerk.
  8. No burial shall take place in the Town of Franklin before a signed Privilege of Burial is provided to the Funeral Director. At time of burial, a one-time perpetual care fee of $100 will be charged.
  9. The top of all monument foundations shall be at existing ground level and four inches wider than the base of the monument to be set, with a minimum depth of eighteen inches. In the event the company installing the monument requires a deeper base, the specification for the deeper base shall apply.
  10. Perpetual care shall be provided by the Town of Franklin in all cemeteries owned by the Town.
  11. All live plants shall be in a container and removed before November 15 of the year installed. Nothing shall be directly planted into the soil.
  12. The Town of Franklin is empowered to dispose of all dead and rotting flowers, faded plastic decoration or any in-ground or soil plants as the need arises.
  13. All questions regarding the rules of the Town of Franklin cemeteries shall be referred to the Town of Franklin Cemetery Custodian.
  14. Privilege of Burial certificates shall expire twenty years from the date of issue. The Town of Franklin will contact the plot holder prior to the date of expiration to extend the date or cancel the reservation. In the event the Town is unsuccessful in contacting the plot holder, the plot shall be deemed unreserved.
  15. There shall be no exceptions to the rules regarding the Town of Franklin cemeteries unless an exception is grant by unanimous vote of the Town of Franklin Town Board.