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General Infromation & Application for Genealogical Services
Vital Record copies can not be provided for commercial purposes

  1. FEE - $11.00 includes search and uncertified copy of notification of no record.
  2. Original records of births and marriages for the entire state begin with 1881, deaths begin with 1880, EXCEPT for records filed in Albany, Buffalo and Yonkers prior to 1914. Applications for these cities should be made directly to the local office.
  3. The New York State Department of Health does not have New York City records except births occurring in Queens and Richmond counties for the years 1881 through 1897.
  4. Please read the Administrative Rules Summary by clicking here which specifies years available for genealogical research.
  5. Click here to download a PDF version. Need a PDF Viewer? Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.
To insure a complete research, provide as much information as possible. Please complete for type of record requested, birth, death, OR Marriage>




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If requesting birth and marriage records, please sign the following statement: To the best of my knowledge, the person(s) named in the applications are deceased.