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Adirondack Town Of Franklin

Town of Franklin Board Meeting

July 10, 2006

The Town Board of the Town of Franklin held a regularly-scheduled Board meeting on Monday, July 10, at 7:00 pm at the Vermontville Town Hall.

Board members present:

    Supervisor Mary Ellen Keith
    Councilman Gene Goff
    Councilman Tim Goff
    Councilman Walt Kretser
    Councilperson Janet Ordway

Others present:

    Town Clerk Sandra Oliver
    Jean Baltzly, resident
    Robin Smith, resident

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited; the Town Clerk called the roll and announced the full board was present.


    The following bills were presented for payment on Abstract 7:

    GeneralClaims 136-156$5,098.06
    HighwayClaims 75-87$4,694.69
    Prepay GeneralClaims 41-45$5,701.54
    The following bills were presented for payment on Abstract 3
    Fire ProtectionClaims 3 - 4$1,346.35

    Motion to approve bills (T.Goff-W.Kretser m/s/p) ALL AYE


    The June 12, 2006 minutes were accepted with the following changes to page 3:


    1. Current projects

      b. 2,000 tons substituted for 200,000 tons.

      e. Todd Law's driveway substituted for ______________.

    3. FEMA Workshop on Disaster Preparedness. 2nd sentence amended: She and Coun. Gene Goff will be certified and will attend workshops online.

    5. Questions and Comments re Highway

      a. Culverts

      1st sentence amended: . . .for which Leo Law caretakes.

    Motion to accept minutes as amended (J.Ordway-G.Goff m/s/p) ALL AYE


    Balances as of June 1, 2006:

    General FundCK$283.48
    Highway FundCK$29,507.75
    Cap Proj Hwy106,156.23
    Cap. BuildingCLASS$136,712.68

    Supervisor Keith noted there had been preauthorized and budgeted transfers of funds, including

      (a) $17,600.00 in General from CLASS into a special CLASS account for Capital Project Building;

      (b) $100,000.00 from Highway CLASS to

        a. $50,000.00 Highway Checking

        b. $50,000.00 to Capital Project Highway

        Motion to accept Supervisor's Report (W.Kretser-T.Goff m/s/p) ALL AYE


      Request by Supervisor Keith for resolution authorizing transfer of funds.

      Motion for Resolution (J.Ordway-G.Goff m/s/p) ALL AYE

      RESOLUTION NO. 33: GENERAL FUND BUDGET AMENDMENT NO. 3: In order to maintain a balanced 2006 General Fund Budget, the following Budget Amendment is hereby adopted:

      A1990.4 Contingent$2,030.00A1110.2 Justice Eq$159.00
      A1620.2 Bldg Eq$935.00
      A6460.4 HUD C.E.$1.00
      A8810.2 Cemetry Eq.$935.00

      Those voting aye:

        Supervisor Mary Ellen Keith
        Councilman Gene Goff
        Councilman Tim Goff
        Councilman Walter Kretser
        Councilwoman Janet Ordway

      Those Voting nay:



      Request by Supervisor Keith for resolution authorizing transfer of funds.

      Motion for resolution (J.Ordway-W.Kretser m/s/p) ALL AYE

      RESOLUTION NO. 34: HIGHWAY FUND BUDGET AMENDMENT NO. 2: In order to maintain a balanced 2006 Highway Budget, the following Budget Amendment is hereby adopted:

      DA5110.1 Gen Repair PS$1,000.00DA5148.1 Services to Other Govts PS$1,000.00

      Those voting aye:

        Supervisor Mary Ellen Keith
        Councilman Gene Goff
        Councilman Tim Goff
        Councilman Walter Kretser
        Councilwoman Janet Ordway

      Those Voting nay:



      Highway Superintendent James Rascoe could not be present, however, he submitted a written report on the progress made by the Highway Dept. since the June meeting. The Department reports 2 absences, so Supt. Rascoe is working with the crew on Leo Collins Road.

        a. County Assistance. The Franklin County Highway Dept. will be in the Town of Franklin two weeks earlier than last year, and the Town's Department is working hard to meet deadlines.

        b. Cold Brook Road Cement Culvert Replacement. The cement culvert near Mr. Myers' residence on Cold Brook Road finally collapsed had to be replaced with a bigger culvert because water was undermining the road.

      1. Permits. Coun. Gene Goff stated that DEC permits for replacement of the culvert had been obtained in 2000, but previous Highway Superintendents had not done the work. In 2004, Cold Brook Road was resurfaced but no attention had been given to the culvert. Highway Supt. Rascoe submitted the 2000 permit to DEC but was informed a new permit needed to be issued, and the Army Corps of Engineers would be involved. Supt. Rascoe conferred with Coun. Gene Goff, and a revised application was submitted, but the Army Corps of Engineers would not sign off on it. USAE wanted the stream diverted so the culvert could be replaced in a dry environment. Coun. G. Goff spent a day researching the matter, made several telephone calls and got it all straightened out. Permits were issued. This is an example of the Town Board and the Highway Department working together.

      2. Estimates. Because of the cost of the cement culvert replacements written estimates were obtained from three companies. The Trudeau Sand & Gravel estimate was accepted based on the ability to meet the requirements necessary to complete the project compared with other estimates.

      3. Road Closure Notice. Notices were published as news and calendar items in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise and the Press Republican, as well as on Adelphia. Notices will run from Monday July 10 through Thursday July 20. Actual road closure will occur on Monday July 17 through Thursday July 20, and detour signs will be posted.

        c. Culvert Question. At the June Board meeting Cliff Smalley inquired as to whether a culvert installed on Alder Brook Rd. was on private property. Coun. Gene Goff researched the matter and discovered the culvert was installed on the Town right-of-way. No action was taken to adopt a policy.

        d. Culvert Policy. Couns. W. Kretser and G. Goff, Highway Committee members, emphasized the need for a policy on culverts. Research and initial drafting of a policy had been done several years ago by Attorney Murphy but had not been acted upon. The Board agreed that if a property owner needed a culvert put in, the property owner should purchase the materials, and the Highway Department would install it. Coun. G. Goff noted he will be purchasing materials for the culvert at his residence. Supervisor Keith said she had referred the matter to current Town Attorney James Maher, and suggested the Board investigate the policies of other Towns.

        e. 2004 Highway Capital Project. N J Brunell performed the resurfacing work on both Cold Brook and Alder Brook Roads in 2004. Coun. G. Goff has taken photographs of the areas which need completion. Coun. W. Kretser stated Brunell publicly admitted there were shortcomings and agreed to fix them. Former Highway Supt. Vorrath provisionally signed off on the 2004 road work. Supervisor Keith stated she would contact Mr. Brunell and request completion of the work.

        f. Comments and Questions. The Town Clerk noted Mr. Bill Bocker, a resident, stopped in to her office to offer high praise for the efforts and efficiency of the Highway Department this past winter. Mr. Bocker indicated he was familiar with municipal road work and was impressed with the diligence of the Department.


      Possible Federal Administration of Cable TV. The Board reviewed an article published by the NY Association of Towns concerning the lobbying effort by large telephone and cable companies of Congress. The companies are pushing for a bill (the "COPE Act") which would replace local cable franchising authority with a federal franchise. If enacted, the bill would disable local rights-of-way and would allow a cable provider to pick and choose the most profitable areas. Coun. Kretser advised waiting to see what happens to the bill, which has not yet been submitted to committee. Supervisor Keith suggested the Board write State Senator Betty Little.


      1. Update on Yellow Wood Survey. Supervisor Keith reported that Yellow Wood consultants met among themselves to review progress and requested the Board set dates to meet with them in September and again in November to review progress. The dates selected were on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm on September 27 and November 8, 2006.

      2. Grant Application by Ann Holland. Supervisor Keith has been asked to obtain letters from at least six different individuals who use the Town Hall and the Rec Field.


      1. Recreation.

        a. Speed Limit Signs Near Rec Park. The Board expressed dissatisfaction with the placement of 45 mph speed limit signs near the Rec Park as being confusing. Supervisor Keith will follow up with Engineer Haynes.

        b. Summer Youth Program. Started this date with 40 youngsters. Parents are stopping by to offer help, and this summer program will run 6 weeks.

        c. Lawn Mower. A new lawnmower has been purchased to groom the Rec Park and the Town cemeteries.

      2. Landfill.

        a. No trespassing signs have been installed at the gate of the closed landfill, in response to concerns of F.X. Browne, the company monitoring the closed landfill.

        b. F.X. Browne. Coun. Kretser indicated the landfill might not need to be monitored with the same frequency in the future by F.X. Browne.


          There being no further business to conduct, the meeting adjourned at 7:59 pm. Motion for adjournment (G.Goff-T.Goff m/s/p) ALL AYE

        Respectfully submitted, Sandra J. Oliver, Town Clerk

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