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Town of Franklin Board Meetings

Minutes of the Monthly Town Board Meeting
July 14, 2010 - 7:00 PM

Board members present:

Supervisor Arthur P. Willman, Jr.
Councilman Clifford Smalley
Councilman Donald Hamm
Councilman Bradley Merrill

Board members absent:

Councilman Allen Berg

Others Present:

Town Clerk Sandra Oliver, Frances Oliver, Ed Martin, Derek Romeo, Donald Goff, Joseph &Moira LeMay, Les Parker, Owen & Florence Gilmore, Ned & Sigi Moriece, Nathan Brown - Adirondack Daily Enterprise


Supervisor Arthur P. Willman, Jr. called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM, the Pledge of Allegiance was recited, and the Clerk called the roll and introduced guests and declared a quorum was present.


JOSEPH LeMAY commented (1) on the planned work on the Garden Road. He indicated the thoroughfare has a 200 year history and has undergone multiple changes. Many of the residents on the road are opposed to the proposed work. He asked whether an environmental impact study is required be performed prior to Garden Rd work. (2) He suggested an advisory board be formed between the Town Board and Loon Lake hamlet residents to improve communications. (3) He would also like to develop cooperation between the Town historian(s) and Loon Lake residents to share history.

LES PARKER commented (1) on the number of special board meetings held recently as it appears the Board is disorganized and the number of special meetings called makes it difficult for the public to attend; the Board shouldn’t need so many meetings just to buy a truck. (2) He understood the Board is considering modifying the rules for public to use the Town Hall and Rec Park to include permission for alcohol consumption. This is a very bad idea. (3) He understood further electrical work was proposed for the Town Garage, and asked whether any thought had been given to the Town Hall.




The following claims were submitted on Abstract #7 of 2010::
General FundClaims 124 - 147$8,710.96
Highway FundClaims 101 - 112$17,603.47
Prepay GeneralClaims 18 - 21$1,369.01

Motion to pay claims (C.Smalley-D.Hamm m/s/p) ALL AYE


The minutes of the June 9, 16, 23 and July 1, 2010 meetings were accepted as presented. Motion to accept minutes (D.Hamm-C.Smalley m/s/p) ALL AYE


Balances as at June 1, 2010:

General FundChecking$4,177.99
Highway FundChecking$24,336.94
Cap. Proj. Hwy.$36,459.99
Fire ProtectionChecking$4,413.44
Capital Project Building$434.84

Motion to accept Supervisor’s Report (C.Smalley-D.Hamm m/s/p) ALL AYE


. For the month of June 2010:

9 dog licenses$13.25
4 Building permits$823.50
1 Death Certificate$10.00
1 Marriage License$17.50
Paid to Supervisor$864.75
Paid to County Treasurer(dogs)$11.75
Paid to NYS Dept of Heath$22.50
Paid to NYS Agr & Mkts (dogs)$3.00

Motion to accept Town Clerk report (B.Merrill-C.Smalley m/s/p) ALL AYE



Highway Superintendent DeMars submitted the following report of progress of the Department June 10-July 14, read by Supv. Willman:

1) ROAD WORK (including brush cutting).

• Sinkhole Rd. - Ditching to prepare for paving and culvert placement and cleaning
• Blue Spruce Drive - Cut shoulders and trees and raked
• Alder Brook Rd. - ongoing beaver problems
• Raking on Garden, Goldsmith, Thatcherville, Kushaqua-Mud Pond, Yemasee Lodge, Merrill, Bigelow, McManus, Goldsmith and Mensink Roads.
• Rolling on Merrill, McManus, Goldsmith, Garden and Mensink Roads also on Blue Spruce Drive


• New mower delivered
• • 595 John Deere Excavator transported by Franklin County Highway Dept.
• Will purchase 1971 Dodge water truck from Harrietstown for $100 which will aid in flushing out culverts.
• Set up for changeover on gas tank filter system
• The lease/finance contract for the 2011 tandem ordered has been changed by Baystone Financial Group (the company that bought Navistar). Supv. Willman is in negotiations with M.A. Jerry to change back. Delivery of the truck may be postponed.

3) GARAGE ELECTRICAL REPAIR - Finalized and inspected.

4) CHPS - Waiting for NYS Budget to be adopted.


• Classified ad placed in Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Malone Telegram, Press Republican and listed with NY Dept. of Labor for Mechanic.
• Conducted excavator training sessions with employees at Rec Park.

6) ROAD SIGNS. New NYS law adopted concerning reflectivity, and all road signs must meet standards by 2012. We can save 50% by refacing our current road signs.

7) ROAD SEALING PROPOSAL. Complaints have been received from school bus drivers about cracks in some of our roads. Meeting held with Tom Sears of Gorman Group to discuss “road crack sealing” to extend the life of some roads. Crack sealing is a proven process which aids in extending road life by 5 years. Some candidates for the process are Kushaqua-Mud Pond Road from Onchiota end. Cost estimates - 1.2 miles full depth reclamation $32,541.25 and double-chip sealing $44,642, for a total of $77,183.25.


• Attended Loon Lake Homeowners Association meeting with Supv. Willman to discuss 2010 Garden Road project
• Met with representatives of Verizon and National Grid twice concerning relocation of utility poles and tree removal on Garden Road
• Numerous telephone conversations with Garden Road homeowners

10) GARDEN ROAD PROPERTY OWNERS LETTER AND PETITION. A letter to Supt. DeMars and petition was served on the Town Clerk on July 13, 2010, as follows:

“July 5, 2010. . . . Dear Mr. DeMars,

We are writing on behalf of the majority of property owners on Garden Road, Loon Lake.

We met Sunday morning at the home of Lorne Marchand, to discuss your letter of May 26, 2010, in which you request that all obstructions in a fifty foot ‘right of way’ be removed, so that the Town can widen Garden road. We were advised by one of the property owners who spoke to representatives of the Town, that the Town was concerned with the safety of the road, and its liability in case of accidents, as well as the facility of clearing the snow. We were also advised that these issues were initiated by our neighbor and fellow homeowner, Kenneth G. Guerin.

After a few moments of discussion it was clear that all the homeowners on Garden Road are very much opposed to the Town’s widening of Garden Road and believe that to do so would not only prevent the Town from achieving its objective of safety, but would make the road which has been in place for over one hundred years more prone to accidents, as well as creating an environmental tragedy by removing trees on both sides that are over one hundred years old.

Some of the homeowners who are land developers pointed out that the trend in urban planning is to make narrower streets with lower speed limits in order to create safer neighborhoods. It has been proven that wider streets with easy passing lanes only encourage cars to speed, which would make Garden Road less safe for walkers and children.

If safety and liability are the main issues, then the Town might consider posting signs reducing the speed limit to 15 miles per hour and/or making the road a one way passage. A one way road certain would not need to be wider than the existing Garden Road. Both of these options would be far preferable to widening the road and creating the very unhappy impact such as was created by the widening of Blue Spruce Road. It would be an unfortunate error if the Town destroyed the beautiful ambiance of the road unnecessarily. Even Kenneth G. Guerin, in his letter to you of April 12, 2010, says that ‘I personally do not care about the final width of the approved road.’ The widening of the road is obviously not his main issue and rightfully so, because just like all his neighbors, he would be a loser if the Town in its wisdom decided to create a wider and faster road.

As for removal of the obstructions along the ‘right of way,’ this is another issue. Some of the obstructions like the trees and stone posts, have been in place for over one hundred years, well before the establishment of a ‘right of way,’ and only add to the quality of the environment. In other cases the obstructions, such as cedar hedges, may not interfere with the road requirements, and the Town can make special arrangements with the homeowner for the use of the public space, if the land is owned by the town. In some cases it may be necessary for purposes of snow removal that the obstruction be removed or set back and in which case, this should be done.

We are writing this letter to encourage the Town to explore approaches that can deal with its requirements while being responsive to the needs of the residents being affected, and to the environment of the hamlet of Loon Lake.

We do not want our neighbor, Mr. Guerin, or other homeowners to feel it necessary to involve lawyers to defend their rights. Our hope is that the town representatives will be sensitive to our concerns for our community, and work for a solution which can be a win-win for all.

In virtue of the shortness of time we request the Town to extend the deadline for removing obstructions from August 1, 2010 to June 1, 2011, so as to provide enough time to study the safety and complex legal issues involved for the benefit of everyone.

We wait your positive response to our request and remain respectfully yours.

(as most of the parties listed below left Loon lake after the weekend I have been asked and given the authority by the parties listed below to sign this letter on everyone’s behalf.)

Very truly yours, David M. Kershner

Edna Agus Povich and Larry Povich, Stanley Ungar, Elie and Gloria Chalupovitsch, Neil and Barb Miller, Ben Lavorando, Owen and Florence Gilmore, Lorne Marchand, Samuel Gewurz, David and Judy Kershner.


We, residents/homeowners/members of the Loon Lake Homeowners Association, have been made aware of the desire of the Town of Franklin to widen the right of way for the apparent reasons of safety and liability as mentioned in the homeowners’ letter to Jacques J. DeMars by the Garden Road homeowners dated July 5, 2010 annexed to the present petition.

The undersigned homeowners, having taken cognizance of the July 5, 2010 letter mentioned above, wish to emphatically endorse and support the spirit and intent of the said letter and of the options put forth therein. We wish to underline the history of the Loon Lake Homeowners Association and the reason for its creation in the first place. Those of us who have chosen to purchase property in Loon Lake have done so because we instantly realized the unspoiled beauty, ecological diversity and pristine environment in which we are fortunate to live. Recognizing this natural, unspoiled ‘paradise’ in the heart of the Adirondacks and wishing to preserve same for ourselves, our children and our children’s children, we have spared no effort or expense to comply with all of the rules and regulations of the APA and other regulatory bodies and we have invested time and the necessary finances to ensure that we maintain the vision that prompted the Chases and others to settle the area over 100 years ago.

In this vein, we are shocked and saddened to contemplate a potential ‘strip-mining’ widening of Garden Road which would indiscriminately rip up age-old trees, flora, escarpments, etc. - in effect desecrating the topography and beauty of Loon Lake.

Whereas we fully understand and support the necessity of the town having sufficient access for snow removal and to guard against public liability, we endorse the alternate options suggested in the July 5, 2010 letter which achieve the same results without destroying what is essentially a country lane of significant historical value.

Loon Lake homeowners recognize the very efficient snow-clearing operations which the Town has been providing for the past several years and we do not wish to impede an efficient and well-executed public service - but if we can achieve the Town’s legitimate goals via other less drastic and less costly options which satisfy the needs of all stakeholders while respecting the mission statements of regulatory bodies such as the APA and the Dept. of Environmental Conservation, etc., we will have done a great service to the Town of Franklin inclusive of its residents located in Loon Lake and their future generations.

SIGNED [legible signatures only]: David & Judy Kershner, Murray & Karen Vasilevsky, Carol Long, Jerry Cannon, Susan Cannon, Steve & Goldie Ungar, Stuart Lucks, Leonard Wisse, Lorne Marchand, Samuel Gewurtz, Jane Carroll, Charles Carroll, Sydney Kershner, George Waddy, Carole Roberts, Owen Gilmore, Florence Gilmore, Joseph LeMay, Moira LeMay, Marilyn Wechsler, Robert Mensink, Ann Brennan, Thomas Brennan, Vince Pagano, Ned Moriece, Karl B. Smith, S. Blendowski, Nancy Pagano.


July 11, 2010: ENDORSEMENT OF POSITION TAKEN BY THE LOON LAKE HOMEOWNERS BOARD OF DIRECTORS REGARDING THE TOWN OF FRANKLIN’S PENDING ACTION TO WIDEN GARDEN ROAD: RESOLVED: the Board of Directors of the Loon Lake Homeowners Association (1) supports the Garden Road residents’ efforts in their attempt to arrive at an equitable solution with the Town of Franklin to the issue of widening Garden Road and (2) calls on the Town of Franklin to notify LLHA before taking further action.

All in favor: Nine
All against: None

The resolution passes. Vincent T. Pagano, President, LLHA”


A) Appreciation of Residents’ Concerns. The Highway Superintendent and Town Board are cognizant and appreciate the concerns expressed by property owners. Coun. Merrill stated Mr. DeMars, as an elected official, must respect the rights of property owners. The Board acknowledged that Garden Road is a pleasant country lane, however, at the same time, it is very difficult to plow. Supv. Willman and Supt. DeMars have inspected Garden Road, its pillars, walls, hedges, trees and other encroachments and will continue to do so until the work commences on August 2nd. Any historic structure or healthy vegetation will be reviewed and if possible, not be disturbed unless absolutely necessary.

B) Road Improvement Calendar and Other Specifics. Supv. Willman disagreed with the petition’s characterization of the Garden Road project as “strip mining,” and the description of road work as “widening”. In fact, the proper term is “maintenance,.” and the Garden Road project has been contemplated by the Town for several years. The Highway Committee and Superintendent of Highways have developed a long-term plan for road improvements which may or may not include paving. These planned improvements are documented in the minutes of Board meetings held over the past several years and are available on the Town’s website, Road projects are reviewed and discussed at Town Board meetings, and near the beginning of each year, an agreement (“§284 Agreement to Spend Highway Funds”) is negotiated between and signed by the Highway Superintendent and Town Board designating road improvements for the year; it is then filed with the County Highway Department. New York State reimburses municipalities for improvements to town roads through the “CHPS” funds (“Capital Highway Improvement Program”). Roads receiving CHPS reimbursement can only be improved once every 10 years. The Franklin County Highway Department owns and lends operators and paving equipment to municipalities. The §284 Agreement aids the County in scheduling its paving operations for the 13 towns in the County. The County advises the Town when it anticipates being available for paving; however, the actual appearance of County equipment occurs sometimes on just a few day’s notice.

C) Municipal Rights of Way. Coun. Merrill stated municipal road rights of way predate Mr. & Mrs. Chase’ development of the Loon Lake Hotel. As Garden Road was originally a section of the Port Kent-Hopkinton Turnpike, the right of way existed before a resort was built. The legal right of way is actually 66 feet; the 50 feet is contained within the 66 feet.

D) Town Vehicles and Plowing Difficulties. Town trucks with plows have had difficulty negotiating Garden Road because of the encroachment into the town right of way. The Town has purchased larger trucks because the larger truck, or tandem, has much more load-carrying capacity for sand, which results to fewer round trips to Highway Garage for refills of sand and salt and saves money on fuel, wear and tear. Coun. Hamm stated the road needs to be repaired and ditched because there is no place to leave snow. As winter progresses and snow continues to build up on the sides of the road, plow operators have witnessed snow being pushed off to the right and then collapsing into the road behind the vehicle.

E) Survey. In the 19___’s, the Town Hall burned, and the Town lost the minute book covering the years 1917-1933 as well as many other important documents. The 2009 Town Board commissioned Geomatics Land Surveying, Saranac Lake, to perform the extensive and detailed survey of the Garden Road in response to several years of complaints received by Highway Superintendents and Town Boards. Geomatics traveled to the County Clerk’s Office in Malone to research documents and deeds documenting transfer of title to the road. In June 2010 Geomatics delivered the completed survey which indicated significant encroachments, both man-made and natural.

F) Drainage Issues. Garden Road requires ditching to allow water runoff to drain properly. Water drains from banks and escarpments onto the roadway, and when the temperature drops, the water freezes and expands thus causing cracks which may then grow into potholes. The Adirondack Mountains experience freezing temperatures from mid-October through April of each year.

G) Emergency Access. During a heavy winter snowfall, emergency vehicles may not be able to negotiate Garden Road.

H) Speed Limits. A town may not lower speed limits on its own. In 2006 letters were written by the Town Board to NYS Dept. of Transportation requesting a reduction in speed limits on Cold Brook, Fletcher Farm and Swinyer Roads, which NYS DOT denied. Studies were performed by NYS DOT; a resolution was subsequently adopted by the Board, sent to the Franklin County Highway Superintendent, who forwarded the request to NYS DOT. Speed limits were lowered, but only a 15 mph reduction was permitted. The process took several years. Supv. Willman indicated the Town is willing to pursue a speed limit reduction.

H) One-way Street. If residents can agree on which direction the road should be routed, the Town is more than willing to pursue this option. However, even if the road is converted to one-way, impediments still need to be removed. Coun. Merrill indicated that a highway superintendent can convert a road from two- to one-way temporarily. The matter will be researched.

I) Planned Road Work and Removal of Obstructions. The Town has no intention of creating a 50-foot-wide swath. However, the Highway Superintendent must ensure Garden Road meets minimum New York State standards, which at present it does not. As for the man-made structures of historic significance, the Town will do its utmost to ensure they are not disturbed. Coun. Hamm noted it is possible to relocate even the 100-year-old cobblestone pillars. As for trees, the Town has requested Tom Bartiss, a Loon Lake resident and experienced forester, to examine and evaluate the trees in the right of way. Mr. Bartiss indicated, after a brief inspection of several trees, that some are not worth saving and will have to be cut down or would fall in a few years. Both utility providers, National Grid and Verizon, will be involved in moving poles and cutting trees in 2010.

J) Request for Extension of Time. Supv. Willman indicated the entirety of Garden Road could not be completed in 2010 - just the east end of the road. Coun. Smalley indicated he would agree to a short extension of time, just 30 days, and Coun. Merrill stated he concurred with completing the east end of the road and removal of trees this year. Supv. Willman noted the affected property owners were Guerin, Gilmore, LG Cappione, Moriece and Gewurz.


Q/C: Why do this work during the only time we can be at our house. Why can’t you wait until September?

A: Supv. Willman referred to the timetable for road work and reminded everyone that winter in the Adirondacks begins in October and ends in April. In fact it snowed several inches on Mother’s Day this year, also in 2009 and in 2008. The weather window for road work is narrow.

Q/C: The Highway Dept. did more than raking and debris removal on Blue Spruce; that road was denuded.

A: Supv. Willman replied that shoulders and trees were cut on Blue Spruce, and the trees and vegetation will grow back. If shoulders are not repaired, the edge of the road crumbles, cracks develop, and the pavement needs to be replaced more often. As the Highway Dept. comprises more than half of the Town’s budget, ditching, shouldering and removal of encroaching vegetation become a priority. This maintenance work defers the more costly improvement (paving) work.


A. ELECTRICAL WORK AT TOWN GARAGE. This work has been completed and inspected by Mr. Race. However, further work may be required as recommended and quoted by Woodhill Electric in the amount of $1,493.04. The work will consist of separating well pump and water heater circuits, installing new refrigerator circuits, rewiring switch for light above back workbench, and installing new fluorescent fixture. The Board members agreed this was the best and most inexpensive way to proceed. Supv. Willman requested a motion for a resolution. (D.Hamm-B.Merrill m/s/p) ALL AYE.

RESOLUTION NO. 56: AUTHORIZE WOODHILL ELECTRIC TO PERFORM ADDITIONAL ELECTRICAL REPAIR WORK AT TOWN GARAGE WHEREAS, additional electric repair work is necessary at the Town Garage; and WHEREAS Woodhill Electric has estimated the cost to be $1,493.04; and WHEREAS, the additional work will (1) consist of separating well pump and water heater circuits, (2) installing new refrigerator circuits, and (3) rewiring switch for light above back workbench, and installing new fluorescent fixture; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Town Board accepts the estimate of Woodhill Electric, authorizes said additional repair work and payment therefor.

Those voting aye:

Supervisor Arthur P. Willman, Jr.
Councilman Allen Berg
Councilman Clifford Smalley
Councilman Donald Hamm
Councilman Bradley Merrill

Those Voting nay:


Those Absent:

Councilman Allen Berg

Those Abstaining:


B. DRAFT CULVERT POLICY. Supv. Willman read the draft of the proposed culvert policy and requested suggestions from Board members. The proposed policy will be incorporated into the Building & Fire Code by year end:


Commencing July 15, 2010, property owners who need to install a new culvert for the purpose of creating a roadway entrance must follow the following procedures:
1. The property owner or his representative will meet with the Highway Superintendent at the site to discuss and determine the location of the roadway entrance.
2. Upon determination of the roadway entrance and size of culvert is determined, the culvert will be ordered. The property owner will be responsible for the cost of the culvert materials and crushed stone required to install same.
3. Payment for the materials will be made to the Building Codes Officer.
4. Highway Department personnel will install the culvert at no additional cost to the property owner.
5. Existing culverts will be replaced entirely at Town expense.”

Note that property owners on county roads must pay for their own culvert materials.

C. MODIFY CONTRACT FOR USE OF TOWN FACILITIES. Supv. Willman indicated suggestions have been made to modify the rules and contract for use of Town facilities to permit alcohol consumption and incorporate a refundable deposit to cover cleanup costs. Coun. Smalley inquired whether potential users of the facilities had requested permission for alcohol, and Supv. Willman replied 3 requesting parties had done so and when they were told of the current no-alcohol policy, they sought other venues. Plans to lease the Kate Mtn. Rec Park to rugby tournaments have been made, and sponsors of those games will have their own liquor licenses. The Town of Franklin currently pays insurance on host liquor liability. Coun. Hamm stated the Board should study changing the policies very carefully. Supv. Willman stated he is polling other municipalities to determine their alcohol policies; most do not permit it. He requested a motion to table the matter. (C.Smalley-D.Hamm m/s/p ALL AYE. TABLED.


A. AMBULANCE/RESCUE UPDATE. Supv. Willman reported the Village of Saranac Lake will be basing its charges for ambulance/rescue on total assessed value of Towns. The Town of Franklin’s costs will be reduced in two years, once the Saranac Lake Volunteer Ambulance Rescue Service starts billing insurance carriers for services.

B. TOWN HALL FURNACE MATTERS. Supv. Willman stated he had telephoned furnace bidders to request updated quotes, and requested Board members to review them. The award of the new furnace will not occur until after the asbestos-containing materials have been removed, and this will commence the first week of August. Coun. Hamm inquired whether the chimney had been inspected yet, and Supv. Willman replied once the asbestos material is removed, the chimney can then be inspected. The costs of these improvements will be covered under the NY Power Authority grant.

C. LAND INVENTORY. This is on hold for the time being.



B. CEMETERY COMMITTEE. Coun. Merrill reported he and Coun. Smalley met with Cemetery Custodian Vivian Manny to discuss and draft cemetery rules and regulations. Coun. Smalley stated the purpose was to create clear standards so everyone understands them:


Responsibilities of Cemetery Custodian

• *Assignment of all cemetery plots
• Supervision of placement of stones (head, foot, corner)
• Maintain ledger of interments and map of gravesites and coordinate with Town Clerk
• Cooperate with funeral directors, etc. as needed
• Notify town board as to needs of cemetery ground plain changes, buildings, etc.


• All cost of burials, headstones, footstones, cornerstones, etc. are the responsibility of the individual to whom the plot was assigned
• There is no cost to Town of Franklin residents for plots, however, donations are encouraged and greatly appreciated.
• Town of Franklin performs all maintenance of the Union Cemeteries


• All burials must be administered by Cemetery Custodian
• Concrete vaults are mandatory
• Plot corner markers are mandatory for plots of two or more gravesites and shall be at or below ground level.
• No in-ground plantings of trees, shrubs, etc.
• No gravesite ground plane changes by other than the Town or approved by Town
• No artificial enclosures of any kind
• Ornamentation, plotted plants, etc. shall be placed on headstones so as not to impede mowing or other maintenance
• Ornamentation shall not consist of glass, wire or other materials that may become a hazard.

Removal of Ornaments

• It is the responsibility of the assigned plot holders to keep ornaments, etc. safely and orderly and periodically removed.
• Any ornaments found to be deteriorated or a hazard will be removed and disposed of by the Town of Franklin.

*Policy on assignment of predetermined (reserved) cemetery plots to be drafted.
*Definition of goals of Union Cemeteries will be added.”


1) Summer Youth Program. Approximately 40 youngsters take part in the summer program per day. A third assistant was hired which brings the ratio of adults to children at 10:1. For children younger than kindergarten age, a parent supervises.

2) Equipment. The new swing set was delivered and will be installed shortly. Volleyball nets are up and people are using the area.

3) Future Plans. The Kate Mountain Community Association is holding a fundraisers to increase the Capital Projects - Building Fund. If enough contributions are received, the Town will begin construction of a community center at the Rec Park.


A. From Janet Duprey confirming $128,373 in CHPS funding

B. From the Young Arts Association containing a donation of $652.56 for the art program in connection with the summer youth program

C. Notice from APA that DEC has applied for a project on the Goldsmith Road as a parking area. If permit is granted and parking area created, the Town will maintain it.


Q/C: You are making all these repairs and upgrades to the Town Garage - what about the Town Hall? The wiring in the basement is a mess. Any plans for upgrading this building?

A: Supv. Willman replied that the Board will advertise for RFP’s for inspection of the Town Hall and will investigate funding for improving the electrical service.

Q/C The Village of Saranac Lake is selling fill for $1/yard...interested?

A: Definitely. Will contact the Village.

Q/C This push to deal with Garden Road sounds a lot like a cash issue involving CHPS.

A: Supv. Willman responded that CHPS is one issue, and the second issue is the time available for the Highway Dept. to do the work to rectify the situation.

Q/C Regarding the Town right-of-way, don’t make concessions. The survey is comprehensive and there is no question as to the Town’s right to do the work. When I bought my property I checked my deed and made sure my house was built far enough back from the road that the Town’s right of way couldn’t intrude. The Town should do what it has to do and there shouldn’t be any question.

Q/C Concerning the Garden Road - there is no reason to push the project back - but why not allow the extension of time? Why must it be done now?

A: Supv. Willman responded because of the County’s paving timetable which must be coordinated with all the towns, preparatory work must be performed on the road according to schedule. Once again, nothing will be torn down or removed unless absolutely necessary. Summer residents are not here in the winter which comprises most of the year, and access for plow trucks, emergency vehicles and school buses must be up to standard. Garden Road has been an issue in the Town for years. The property owner with the biggest encroachment has taken care of that particular problem, but the snow removal problem still exists. Many things have been “let go” over the past decades. This is really a safety issue, and if your house catches fire in January, wouldn’t you want the Fire Dept. to be able to reach it?

Q/C This really is an issue of safety, and minimum standards must be met. Fire trucks have difficulty navigating that sharp, narrow bend during the summer, let alone in winter!

A: Coun. Merrill stated that property owners must recognize that if any manmade structure encroaching on the Town’s right of way causes an accident, the property owner may be liable.


A. Asbestos removal at the Town Hall will begin on Monday, August 2nd, and should be completed that week.

B. Supv. Willman will be out of the office from Thurs. July 22nd through Thurs. July 29th, returning Friday, July 30.

C. The Town Clerk will be out of the office from Monday, August 2nd through Thursday, August 5th, returning Monday, August 9th.

D. The Kate Mountain Community Association will hold a meeting on Monday, July 26th at 7PM. Everyone welcome.

E. The 55+ Club will hold its “Franklin Fun Fest” on Sunday, August 8th at the Rec Park.

F. The Kate Mountain Community Association will hold a “Franklin Picnic Day” at the Rec Park. The kids will hold a talent show, and an art exhibit. Music, food, crafts and historic information will be displayed.


There being no further business to conduct, the meeting adjourned at 9:28 PM.

Motion to adjourn (B.Merrill-C.Smalley m/s/p) ALL AYE

Respectfully submitted, Sandra J. Oliver, Town Clerk

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