Adirondack Town Of Franklin
Adirondack Town Of Franklin

Welcome to the Town Franklin

Town Franklin, founded in 1836, is located in the Southern end of Franklin County. It has been called a scenic oasis in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains located in upstate New York. When traveling through the Town of Franklin there is so much to see and visit.

In a picturesque setting, one mile out of the hamlet of Onchiota and 14 miles from Saranac Lake is a museum devoted to Iroquois history and culture. This is the Six Nations indian Museum. The Town of Franklin offers many seasonal activities and events. Many trails to hike on, lake and streams to canoe on and the New York State owned Buck Pond for camping pleasures.

In the winter, The Town of Franklin offers a whole new experience and beauty. There is Cross Country Skiing and Snow Shoeing through pristine wilderness, snowmobiling on the Corridor Number 7 as well as back country trails, skating at Kate Mountain Park and the list goes on...


Dear Team Captains,

Click here for the Kickball Registration Forms

Click here for the Kickball Tournament Team Roster Form

Thank you for your interest in the Kickball Tournament. The event will be held on Sunday, June 26 and is hosted by the Town of Franklin Recreation Committee.

The day-long tournament is a family friendly event that will bring everybody together for some great fun. It will be held at Kate Mountain Park in Vermontville, NY.

This packet of information will give you all the details about the event, the registration process and game rules. Completed registration packets and fee must be received by the Town of Franklin by June 1, 2016. Teams will be accepted on a first come first serve basis until all teams are filled.

The maximum team size is 15 players and the minimum team size is 10 players. All players must be 21 years old.

As the captain, it is your responsibility to organize your team. This includes collecting information for the roster and informing team members of the tournament rules and regulations and other pertinent information.

Registration fee must be paid in full at the time of registration.

All team members must wear the same colored tee shirt. Your team will assigned a color at the time of registration.

Water will be provided to team members during the event. A concession truck, a beer tent and music will be available during the day.

All games will be officiated.

Play by the "Let’s Have Fun Rule" rule: We are here to have fun!! Un-sportsman like behavior may result in a player being ejected from the game. There is a 10 run per inning limit for all innings. Coaches are encouraged not to run up the score.

1st and 2nd place teams will receive awards.

Encourage family and friends to come out support your team. Admission is FREE to the games.

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