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By Barry and Jennilu King

We have often been grateful for the propane and wood appliances that keep our house functional when others who depend on electricity begin to suffer. This was particularly true during last winter's storm. Being able to cook and stay warm, we relaxed and enjoyed several days of being together as a family without the demanding schedules we usually have.

We got out table games and the books that have been piled up waiting to be read, and of course went outside periodically to marvel at the sound of trees cracking all around us. I remember so well a once-in-a-lifetime windstorm that occurred one year on Columbus Day in the Pacific Northwest where I grew up. My dad took me outside to walk with him during the height of the storm, and the sound of the wind roaring through the trees will stay with me as long as I live. In a similar way, I think my clearest association with the ice storm will be the artillery-like cracking of trees and branches.

Barry must have been one of the first to arrive at Sturdy's in town because he was able to rent one of their generators before they ran out. With that, he provided power for the employees of Lockheed Corporation who were still up here finishing their work on the United Arab Emirates Hercules that crash landed here last fall. Those guys, who all live and work in Georgia, were understandably relieved to be able to leave all of this horrible winter weather behind and go back home!

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