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By Teresa R Eshelman

Through pictures and relatives memories, a house from the past can be brought to life again. Specifically, the home of Dominic and Pauline Patnode on Swinyer Road in Vermontville, New York was well over 100 years old when they purchased it on August 28, 1928. The name of Sarah Ann Paye shows up on a deed in 1899. One of the prior owners was N. H. Breckenridge of the Town of Groton , Middlesex, Massachusetts whose name was recorded on a deed of September 10, 1917. Lois and Francis Skiff were prior owners before the Patnodes. The Patnode home was typical of the building style of its time, measuring 24 by 24 feet, which included a second floor. The stairway to the second floor took up only a minimum amount of space. It was noted upon taking the house down that the floor joists were rough-hewn logs. Additions were made to the Patnode house and a porch was added.

Gardening was a highlight in Pauline's life and she worked in her 100-foot square garden close to the time before her death in December 1959 at the age of 100 years.

As a people we cling to the past, but progress steps in and Pauline's home was taken down in May 1989 to make room for her great-grandson's new home.

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