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Town of Franklin Board Meetings

OCTOBER 10, 2018, Town Board Meeting 5:30pm


: Supervisor Art Willman, Councilman Cliff Smalley, Councilman Tom Bartiss, Councilman Pete Woodcock and Councilman Don Hamm


Doris Hamm, Paul Blaine-Code Officer, Phyllis King, Don Goff, Melinda Ellis—Franklin Co. Legislator, Jim Murnane, Doris Hamm, Dot Brown, Julie Woodcock, Rhonda Swinyer, Leo Law, Ed Martin and Lauren LeFebvre-Town Clerk


Supervisor Willman called the meeting to order at 5:30pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and the Town Clerk called the roll, noting a quorum was present.

REVIEW/APPROVAL OF Sept 12, 18 & Oct 1, 2 , 2018 MEETING MINUTES

Minutes approved as presented. (C.Smalley-P. Woodcock m/s/p) all aye

APPROVAL OF CLAIMS The board audited and approved payment of the following:

General FundAbstract 10Claims 174-191$3,293.65
Highway FundAbstract 10Claims 145-156$35,197.41
Pre-Pay GeneralAbstract 10Claims 42-43$852.43

(P.Woodcock-T.Bartiss m/s/p) all aye

SUPERVISOR'S REPORT: Balances on hand as of Sept 30, 2018

General Fund
Kt. Mt SRF$1202.48
Cemetery RF$4,303.35
Kt. Mt. CLASS$1,202.48
Highway Fund
Cap Proj. HW$47,632.97
Landfill Clos. CR
Fire Protection
Capital Proj Bldg

((C.Smalley-P.Woodcock m/s/p) All Aye


  • The $50,000.00 Multi Modal reimbursement was deposited on 9/28/18.
  • Assisted the Town of Belmont with paving
  • Assisted the Town of Jay with paving
  • Assisted the Town of Dannemora with paving
  • Assisted the Town of Burke with paving
  • Assisted the Town of Malone with paving
  • Cleaned catch basins
  • Replaced several culverts on Rock Street
  • Worked on bank stabilization project on Oregon Plains Road
  • Cut several trees that were in the road
  • Hauled sand
  • Ongoing beaver problems
  • Gas, fuel and maintenance logs given to Highway Committee


Permits Issued-6, Violations-0, Certificates of Occupancy-3, Inspections-12, Fees Collected $467.50


A. Sexual Harassment Policy -Supervisor Willman presented the board with a draft of a proposed update to the Town of Franklin Sexual Harassment Policy. The Town has a Sexual Harassment Policy but it needs to be update to meet the newly mandated requirements. The Town must have a compliant policy in place as of October 9, 2018 and all employees and elected officials must attend mandatory, interactive training before October 9, 2019. Board members were asked to read the draft policy and be prepared for discussion at the next meeting.

B. 2019 Preliminary Budget -The board was presented with the 2019 Preliminary Budget. A Public Hearing was set for November 14, 2018 at 5:30pm for both the Town of Franklin Fiscal Budget and Fire Protection Budget.

RESOLUTION #39 SET PUBLIC HEARING FOR 2019 FISCAL BUDGET -On motion by Councilman Hamm, second by Councilman Bartiss, BE IT RESOLVED that Town of Franklin Town Board does hereby set the date for the 2019 Public Hearing for the 2019 Town of Franklin Fiscal and Fire Protection Budgets for November 14, 2018 at 5:30pm.

Those Voting Aye:
    Supervisor Willman
    Councilman Bartiss
    Councilman Smalley
    Councilman Woodcock
    Councilman Hamm

Those voting No: None

C. Landfill Monitoring - Supervisor Willman has received the proposed contract from Tisdell Associates for the required 2019 Landfill Monitoring. The amount is $2000. There are no changes from 2018.

RESOLUTION #40 ACCEPT 2019 CONTRACT WITH TISDELL ASSOCIATES FOR LANDFILL MONITORING - On a motion by Councilman Hamm, second by Councilman Woodcock, BE IT RESOLVED the Town of Franklin Town Board does hereby accept the contract for 2019 Landfill Monitoring from Tisdell Associates in the amount of $2000 and DOES FURTHER RESOLVE to authorize Supervisor Willman to sign and submit the 2019 Landfill Monitoring Contract.

Those Voting Aye:
    Supervisor Willman
    Councilman Bartiss
    Councilman Smalley
    Councilman Woodcock
    Councilman Hamm

Those voting No: None

D. Solicit Sealed Bids for Fuel

RESOLUTION #41 SOLICIT BIDS FOR 2019 FUEL - On a motion by Councilman Smalley, second by Councilman Woodcock, BE IT RESOLVED that the Town of Franklin Town Board does hereby authorize the Town Clerk to solicit sealed bids to provide gas, diesel, propane and heating oil for 2019.

Those Voting Aye:
    Supervisor Willman
    Councilman Bartiss
    Councilman Smalley
    Councilman Woodcock
    Councilman Hamm

Those voting No: None

WHEREAS, appointed Town Codes Enforcement Officer Paul Blaine is enrolled in the New York State Retirement System WHEREAS, after consulting with the Town Supervisor and reviewing Mr. Blaine's calendars; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Town of Franklin Town Board does hereby set the standard workday for the Code Enforcement Officer at 6.58 days per month from the date of his appointment, May 1, 2017. FURTHER RESOLVED, Paul Blaine does not participate in the Town’s timekeeping system but does maintain a record of activities which will be submitted with NYS Retirement System Standard Work Day and Reporting Resolution.

Those Voting Aye:
    Supervisor Willman
    Councilman Bartiss
    Councilman Smalley
    Councilman Woodcock
    Councilman Hamm

Those voting No: None

F. Franklin Co. Legislator Melinda Ellis -Leg. Ellis reported Franklin County is entering into an agreement with NYSERDA regarding a net metering buy back program. As the Town of Franklin is erecting a solar array, we would not benefit from this agreement. Leg. Ellis also informed the board of a public hearing on 10/18 on a proposed law that would impose a lien on insurance payouts on property homeowners insurance in the event a house burns, there are back taxes owed and the owner receives an insurance settlement. Franklin County would receive the amount owned on back taxes. Leg. Ellis suggested the Town of Franklin may want to consider creating a similar local law.0


A. Solar Project Update- Supervisor Willman reported Ampersand Electric is currently installing a new meter at Kate Mt Park in preparation for the solar array. It is anticipated the array will be installed within the next few weeks.

B. Waterfront and Hamlet Revitalization Grant- No update

C. Community Building Update- No update

D. Garage Electric- Contractor will be starting the necessary work on Friday 10/12.

E. 2019-2021 Teamster's Contract- Supervisor Willman and Councilman Woodcock reported negotiations are ongoing and productive.

F. 2019 Grounds Keeping and Cleaning Bids- As bids were opened and announced at the Special Meeting on 10/1 Councilman Smalley moved to accept the bid from Bonnie Webb for cleaning due to the fact the other bid, from Glenn Swinyer, of $18 per hour was not specific as to hour many cleaning hours per week were anticipated.

On a motion by Councilman Smalley, second by Councilman Bartiss BE IT RESOLVED that the Town of Franklin Town Board does hereby award the 2019 Cleaning Contract to Bonnie Webb in the amount of $45 per cleaning, twice weekly at $4,680 per year, with a rate of $22 per hour for additional cleanings.

Those Voting Aye:
    Councilman Smalley
    Councilman Woodcock
    Councilman Bartiss

Those Voting No:
    Supervisor Willman
    Councilman Hamm

Those voting No: None

Mowing- Supervisor Willman moved to accept Glenn Swinyer's bid in the amount of $11,395. Second by Councilman Hamm. Willman, Hamm-Yes Woodcock, Smalley, Bartiss-No (2 Yes, 3 No—motion defeated)

Councilman Smalley moved to accept John Duprey's bid of $11,950 for 2019 mowing. There was no second. Councilman Bartiss stated he would like to consult Ed Murphy, Attorney for the Town, before awarding the mowing contract. The Town Clerk will contact Mr. Murphy regarding the bid process, rebid and bid award thus far.


A. Facilities- Addressed in Old Business

B. Cemetery- Discussion was held regarding updating installation of monument requirements and the need for fencing at Union Cemetery on Route 3 in Vermontville.

C. Celebration- No report.

D. Recreation- No report.


Dot Brown- Dep. Supervisor Brown encouraged the board members to be mindful of the financial best interest of the Town of Franklin with regard to the grounds keeping bid awards.

Ed Martin- Mr. Martin inquired as to why there are no savings realized in the 2019 Preliminary Budget with the elimination of the General Fund Laborer/Maintenance position. Supervisor Willman stated the town board agreed the budget should increase to stay at the tax cap as future mandated tax cap amounts are uncertain. Supervisor Willman added that the figures in the 2020 Town of Franklin Budget should reflect the budgetary adjustments regarding the position elimination.

Don Goff- Mr. Goff inquired as to what the Town of Franklin will do with the equipment purchased for the General Fund Laborer/Maintenance use. Supervisor Willman responded by stating the Highway Department can purchase surplus equipment from General Fund for one dollar or the Town Board can put the equipment out for public bid.

Rhonda Swinyer- Mrs. Swinyer stated she thought raises given to elected officials were unfair to due the fact that a full-time position is being eliminated.


There being no further business, Supervisor Willman adjourned the meeting at 7:05pm.

Respectfully submitted, Lauren LeFebvre, Town Clerk

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