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Town of Franklin Board Meetings

Regular Monthly Town Board Meeting
May 13, 2015

Board members present:

Supervisor Art Willman, Councilman Don Hamm, Councilman Tom Bartiss, Councilman Tom Bartiss and Councilman Cliff Smalley

Board Members Absent:


Others Present:

Jacques DeMars-Highway Superintendent, Autumn LeFebvre-Deputy Town Clerk, Melinda Hadley-Historian, Doris Hamm, Jon MacDowell, Ed Martin, Don Busett, Cynthia Martino, Nancy Bernstein and, Lauren LeFebvre-Town Clerk


Supervisor Willman called the meeting to order at 5:30pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and the Town Clerk called the roll, noting the full board was present.


Nancy Bernstein informed the board of the status of the Solarize the Tri Lakes Project. A $5000 grant was received from NYSERTA. $2,500 will be used for an educational campaign. The remainder of the grant will be used for other expenses related to the project. Representatives from the project will be at the Franklin Town Hall June 6, 12pm-3pm.

Don Busett informed the board that he would like to see another cable provider, other than Time Warner, in the Town of Franklin. He also suggested a Senior Citizen discount from Time Warner.

Co. Smalley spoke on behalf of Michelle Casson. Michelle encourages residents to voluntarily pick up roadside trash on their own roads.

Ed Martin stated the Lawn Mower racetrack at the Kate Mt. Park is set.


The minutes of April 8, 2015 were approved as presented. (C.Smalley-T.Bartiss m/s/p) all aye


The board audited and approved payment of the following claims

General FundAbstract 5Claims 79-99$4,889.38
Highway FundAbstract 5Claims 63-81$6,896.03
Pre-Pay GeneralAbstract 5Claims 13-15 $1,887.53

(T.Bartiss-D. Hamm m/s/p) all aye

Councilman Berg suggested the Town of Franklin purchase products from Samples by phone and have them shipped rather than drive the distance to and from Chazy.


Balances on hand as of March 31, 2015

General Fund Checking$204,068.99
Historian $3038.16
Kate Mt Sp Reserve Fund$12,125.65
Cemeteries Sp Reserve Fund$2,200.75
Highway Fund Checking$164,165.89
Cap. Proj. Hwy.$46,553.32
Landfill Clo Cap. Res. Checking$6,749.11
Fire Protection Checking$15,570.84
Capital Project Building CLASS$25,453.04

(C.Smalley-T.Bartiss m/s/p) all aye


Superintendent DeMars submitted the following report:

Plow and sanded when needed.
New truck sent to 5th wheel diesel and Clarks for touch up work.
Started sweeping. A few roads to go.
Cleaned out under guardrails in several areas.
Raked several roads.
Took tail gate from Unit 2 to Clarks.
Worked on Shared Services paper work. (For County/ State)
Cut trees as needed.
Ditching on Fletcher Farm Rd.
Mowing contract has been received from Franklin Co.
284 agreement submitted to board for approval.
Gas, fuel and maintenance logs given to Highway Committee

Highway Questions and Comments

Cynthia Martino explained Blue Spruce Drive is in need of major repairs and requested the road be a priority this year. Ms. Martino also inquired as to what the different Highway Fund accounts can be used for. Alternatives to repaving the road were also discussed.


Rob Drosdowich reported four building permits were issued in April. Two of these were for the 2013 CDBG rehab grant. Homes that appear abandoned were also discussed. Lauren LeFebvre will provide the Code Officer with any information the Town Clerk's office has on these properties.


A. Resolution #15 Approving 284 Agreement for the Expenditure of Highway Moneys

On a motion by Councilman Berg, second by Councilman Bartiss, BE IT RESOLVED the Town of Franklin Town Board does hereby approve the expenditure of up to $90,000 on .6 miles of Fletcher Farm Road and the expenditure of up to $135,000 on 1 mile of Alder Brook Road.

Those voting aye: All Aye

B. Resolution #16 Approving the 2015 Contract for Mowing of County Roads

On a motion by Councilman Smalley, second by Councilman Hamm, BE IT RESOLVED that the Town Board of the Town of Franklin does hereby approve the 2015 contract with Franklin County for the mowing of 20 miles of County roads in the Town of Franklin for a reimbursement of $200.00 per mile/per season.

Those voting aye: All Aye

C. Pole Barn Bids

The Town Clerk announced she had approximately 20 requests for the bid packet, of those the Town received five sealed bids. Supervisor Willman opened and announced the following bids:

Tim Leahy Construction $44,450
Ametal Construction $94,800
Friend Commercial Construction $62,400
O'Neil Contracting $39,500
Northern Pioneer Contracts $34,821

Board members will be provided with copies of the bids and the project will be awarded at the June 10 board meeting. Material quotes, not sealed bids, were also solicited and received from Haley Lumber and Building, Sample Lumber, Haselton Lumber and Steele Truss Company. Copies will be distributed to the board.

D. Oil/Water Separator Bids

Two sealed bids were received. Supervisor Willman opened and read aloud the following bids:

Bach Environmental $37,650
Tim Leahy Construction
- 2000 Gallon Pre Cast Tank $6,700
- 2000 Gallon Pre Cast Tank w/200ft leach field $8,600

Copies of the bids will be distributed to the board and discussed at the June board meeting.

E. 2015 Road Sand Bids

The Town Clerk announced 2 bids were received. Supervisor Willman opened and read aloud the following:

Graymont (manufactured road sand) $3.00 per ton
Trudeau $4.35 per ton

Resolution #17 Accept Bids From Trudeau and Graymont

On a motion by Councilman Smalley, second by Councilman Berg, BE IT RESOLVED the Town of Franklin Town Board does hereby accept the bid from Graymont in the amount of $3.00 per ton and accepts the bid from Trudeau in the amount of $4.35 per ton. The Town Board further resolves to authorize Superintendent DeMars to purchase up to a total of 12,000 tons of road sand from either and/or both vendors in a ratio of his determination.

Those voting aye: All Aye

F. #18 Resolution to Adopt Unified Solar Permit

WHEREAS, the Town of Franklin is a partner community in the NY Solar Smart Program working to reduce the soft costs of solar installation and enable solar market growth; and

WHEREAS, the New York State Unified Solar Permit is a standardized permit for use by all NY municipalities that simplifies and streamlines the permitting of small scale photovoltaic systems and increases consistency and transparency in permitting;

NOW THEREFOR BE IT RESOLVED, by the Town of Franklin, Franklin County, New York that the Town Board hereby adopts the NYS unified Solar Permit for use by the Code Enforcement Officer as part of the permitting process for small scale Photovoltaic Systems.

Those voting aye: All Aye

Resolution #19 Authorization of Program Funds for FR-13-01

As part of the Town of Franklin HCR Housing Rehabilitation program. A motion was made by Councilman Smalley, second by Councilman Berg, to authorize the expenditure of $20,659.36 of program funds for the project #FR-13-01, all inclusive of capital, project delivery and Note & Mortgage filing fees, as part of the Town of Franklin Housing Rehabilitation Program.

Those voting aye: All Aye


A. Sign - The Town Supervisor and Town Clerk obtained quotes for replacing the Town of Franklin sign with an LED/changeable message sign.

Windovers $7,300 (one color, high resolution) / $8,100 (three color/high resolution)

Stewarts Signs $13,987 (lit cabinet, personalized with TOF logo)

The Supervisor and Town Clerk will continue obtaining quotes as it is preferred to keep the cost at approximately $5,500.

B. Kate Mt. Park- Councilman Berg would like to see the painted. He also suggested a bandstand. Play sand is also needed in the sand boxes.

C. Kansas State Bank- Councilman Hamm suggested the Town contact the NYS Attorney General's Office regarding the interested charged to the Town before receipt of the 2015 Tandem and before the funds were released.


Historian - Melinda Hadley is working on Founder's Day themes. Currently, the idea she will be working on is “Colorful Crazy Quilt-People, Places and Events That Have Made Us Who We Are”.

Cemetery - No pests have been seen at Union Cemetery on Route 3 so far this season. Councilman Bartiss is monitoring the situation.

Veteran's - The stone for the monument has been placed and the plaque will be affixed on May 14. A POW/MIA flag will be purchased.

Celebration - Volunteers are needed for Founder's Day (July 25) and Autumn Leaves and Pumpkin Heaves Festival (October 17)


There being no further business, Supervisor Willman adjourned the meeting at 7:52pm.

Respectfully submitted, Lauren LeFebvre, Town Clerk

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