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The origin of the name Kate Mountain came from the early families who settled at the foot of the mountain in 1829. Benjamin Philbrick Lamson and Sally Cate were both born in New Hampshire and married in Vermont where they had eleven children. The Parents and eight of the children came to Merrillsville in the spring of 1829. They were accompanied by Sally Cate Lamson's brother, John P. Cate, his wife Elizabeth Roberts and their eight children. In the beginning both families lived in one house until separate homes could be built. The Cates built their home on the slopes of the mountain, which was named after them. Somewhere along the line for some unknown reason, the name Cate has been changed to Kate. Hamilton Lamson, the great-grand son of Benjamin Philbrick Lamson and Sally Cate Lamson was heard to say, "Don't you think Cate has more character." The Lamsons built their home close to the former Kate Mountain Lodge, which is now a private home. In Hurd's History of Clinton and Franklin Counties, the 1833 assessment roll for the Town of Bellmont lists the names of the inhabitants, acres of land owned and its assessed value. (The Town of Franklin was at that time a part of the Town of Bellmont in 1833) Both John P. Cate and Benjamin Philbrick Lamson each owned 200 acres of land valued at $100.00.

John P. Cate's family does not appear in the 1840 Town of Franklin census, as does the Lamson family. It is believed that they may have returned to Vermont.

During the 1970's and early 1980's, the Town of Franklin endeavored to address the potential growth as well as recognize the needs of the town. One of the concerns was the increased use of recreational facilities for all ages. In 1985, the Town Board walked and evaluated all town owned property as a possible recreation site. A Citizens Committee was formed for input on a site. In May 1986, a survey of the Tyler property was conducted. A topographical map and an APA permit were completed. On December 2, 1986, the property was deeded from Hubert and Gene Tyler to the Town of Franklin, a parcel containing 28.67 acres. The property was purchased for $28,150.00 from Federal Revenue Sharing Funds.

Upgrading of the property has been done since that time through grants and volunteer fund raising by the recreation committee. Developing the park is a large project and will take a few more years. Power and water have been brought to the site, a pavilion has been built, a great place for a picnic. Ball games now take place in the updated facilities. A play structure has been installed, paid for by contributions and fund raisers. A skating rink and hiking trails are being completed. It has been called a scenic oasis in the Heart of the Adirondacks.

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