Adirondack Town Of Franklin
Adirondack Town Of Franklin

Town of Franklin Special Board Meeting

April 24, 2006

The Town of Franklin Town Board held a duly advertised special Board Meeting on Monday, April 17, 2006 at 2:00 pm at the Franklin Town Hall in Vermontville, NY.

Board members present:

    Supervisor Mary Ellen Keith
    Councilman Tim Goff
    Councilman Walt Kretser
    Councilman Tim Goff

Board members absent:

    Councilwoman Janet Ordway

Others present:

    Derek Romeo, resident
    Cliff Longtemps, Tracey, Inc.
    Deputy Town Clerk Lauren LeFebvre


Supervisor Keith called the meeting to order at 7pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was said and the Deputy Town Clerk, Lauren LeFebvre, called the roll, stating a quorum was present.


    Supervisor Keith stated the two bids for a 2007 plow truck were received and reviewed by the Town of Franklin Highway Superintendent and Deputy as well as the Highway Committee. It was agreed by all those reviewing the bids that the Tracey bid was incomplete and that the bid be awarded to M.A. Jerry. Motion for resolution accepting M.A. Jerry bid. (T.Goff-W.Kretser m/s/p) ALL AYE

    RESOLUTION NO. 27: ACCEPT BID FOR 2007 INTERNATIONAL VEHICLE SUBMITTED BY M.A. JERRY, INC. WHEREAS, the Town of Franklin Town Board published requests for bids for a second time for a 2007 International vehicle; and WHEREAS, a bid submitted by M.A.Jerry met all the specifications set forth; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Town of Franklin Town Board does hereby accept the in the amount of $160,400, including $3,650 warranty package, for a 2007 International Tandem Truck.

    Those voting Aye:

      Supervisor Mary Ellen Keith
      Councilman Gene Goff
      Councilman Tim Goff

    Those Voting Nay:



    1. Lawn Mower-Supervisor Keith will obtain three quotes for a new standard riding or zero turn lawn mower for the General Fund.
    2. 55+ Contract-Supervisor Keith will address the 55+ Club to discuss the Town's contribution to the club.


    1. Cable Franchise Contract-Supervisor Keith has received a letter from Mountain Cable stating the expired contract will remain in effect until November 2, 2006.
    2. Adirondack Museum-Elected officials of the Town of Franklin have been invited to a luncheon and tour of the museum of June 28, 2006.


    There bring no further business, Supervisor Keith adjourned the meeting at 7:25pm. (M.Keith-G.Goff m/s/p) all aye

Respectfully submitted, Lauren LeFebvre, Deputy Town Clerk

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